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Introduction: Coca Cola Bottle Light

This project was for my AS level, which I did this year.

In simple terms it is a coca cola bottle filled with colored water, with strip led's to light it up. :P

The bottles are all connected together and can be detached which means you could have multiple bottles together. They are connected by mini jack cables.

Each bottle sits on a base where the Led's strips are. With two inputs and one output on each base.

These lights can hang upside down or sit the right way up, they could be used in any situation whether inside or outdoors, they are perfect for night club or bar lighting and could look really nice outside on the patio on those warm summer evenings. :D 

I hope you like it :D

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    I was hoping for more of an "instructed" tutorial here, not some WIP photos. Will there be a step-by-step process coming soon or could I find some similar tutorials on this site or elsewhere? I really like the effect there.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    They look good. Have you got any "in process" shots, or close-ups showing the working parts?

    Alex Loftie
    Alex Loftie

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I do, I will post them for you. Glad you like them :D