Introduction: Cocktail Napkin Rose

A little bit sweet, a little bit cheesy, and I would not recommend making one of these on a first date, nor would I recommend handing one of these to your girlfriend or spouse on your anniversary in lieu of actual flowers. However, placing one of these next to your girlfriend's drink while she is in the bathroom may reward you with a smile...well, as long as it's a random Tuesday.

Step 1: You Will Need...

A simple cocktail napkin (pic 1). Unfold it completely (pic 2), then take one of the edges between your index and middle finger (pic 3). Wrap the napkin around your fingers (pics 4 & 5).

Step 2: The Start of the Stem

Keeping your two fingers inside the top of the napkin, you need to tightly twist around the base (pic 1) while being careful not to rip the napkin. Continue until you create a twist about 2 finger tips in length.

Step 3: Create a Leaf

Find the beginning edge of the stem (pic 1), then fold the stem in half to the base of the rose. Gently tear a piece of the napkin as you fold the stem straight again (pic 3). The tear should run parallel with the stem,

Step 4: Finish the Stem

Continue twisting the stem (pic 1) until you reach the bottom (pic 2). Carefully fold the piece you ripped in half to create the leaf.

Step 5: Fixing the Bulb

The bulb of the flower is a mess (pic 1). Grab the very inside piece with your index and middle finger again (pic 2), and give it a good twist, careful not to tear the napkin. If done properly, your napkin should look like the third picture.

Step 6: The Finished Rose!

Use at your discretion. Remember to smile, Romeo