Introduction: CocoPeat for Plants

We all have our personal favourites when it comes to seasons. Some of us prefer chilled winter days or the beautiful rains while some of us enjoy the sun but our Plant friends clearly have one season that they dread and it is the wretched summer. People in hot countries often face the scarcity of water and thus fail to give enough supply of water to plants. The heat of the sun sucks all the energy from the plants and they end up wilting in the hot weather.

But there is an eco-friendly way to fight the sun monster for our green plants. Let's look at the procedure on how to make it.


We just need

1) Coconut

2) Mixer Grinder


4) A pair of scissors

Step 1: Choosing the Coconut

You may be bombarded with various types of coconut varieties in the market but your job is to choose wisely amongst all of them. You have to choose the coconut which closely resembles the one shown in the picture. We will make cocopeat from the peels of the coconut so make sure that your coconut has a lot of peels.

Step 2: Cutting Off the Peels

Now we have to remove the peel or skin of coconut using scissors or any cutting tool. If you're strong then you don't need anything, just apply some power and take off the peel with your hands. Now that you have the peels separated from the coconut, you can kick start the project. You just need the peels to make the cocopeat but just because you've worked so hard, sit for a few minutes and savour the cool flavour of coconut.

Step 3: Mix It Now!

The peels are ready to be transformed into magic powder -'cocopeat'. Grind the peels in a mixture grinder into a fine powder. Separate the powder and the coco fibre (the part which is not properly grained). Cocopeat is almost ready!

Step 4: Final Step

Add a little water to the powder obtained and knead it until a fine ball is formed. Dry the mixture in the sun for a day.

Congratulations, you have just made your very own cocopeat!

Step 5: Time to Use It

CocoPeat is an excellent way to preserve moisture in the soil and also acts as a natural fertilizer. Mix the cocopeat with the soil of your plants and see the magic. Cocopeat enhances the quality of soil and keeps the plant healthy even when the sun is up above.

I hope you like this little effort to help our green friends! We are living in an era where plants are dwindling day by day and because of which we are facing brutal consequences each day. This is a small endeavour in making this planet green again!

I hope you appreciate it

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