Introduction: Coconut Candy Balls

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Hey Folks,

I am elated to share my healthy and tasty candy with you all.

Step 1: Coconut Candy Balls

To prepare healthy candy keep the required ingredients ready.

Required ingredients:
1. Grated Coconut
2. Crushed jaggery
3. Water
4. Cardamon powder

2. Pan

Step 2: Boiling and Filtering Jaggery

Place the pan, add about 70ml water and add 200gm of crushed jaggery to it.
Allow it to boil once it turns liquid. Filter it to remove small particles/mud. After filtered pour it back to pan and allow it to boil until it turns thick. (Consistency is more important)

Step 3: Add Coconut, Ghee, Cardamon Powder

Once you reach the perfect consistency of Jaggery add grated coconut to it. Stirr it well, after 5 minutes pour little ghee for non stickiness. Then add Cardamon powder for flavour (optional).

Step 4: Dark Brown Stage

In continuation of previous step, stirr it continuesly to get dark brown color and aroma. Switch off your stove.

Finally, once the temperature is reduced, wet your hand with water to make it into balls.

Step 5:

Step 6: About This Recepie

Dear folks,

This candy is completely healthy. Only natural ingredients are used here. No artificial flavors, preservatives are used. From kid to old can eat his and enjoy. I am happy to serve you all this healthy candy virtually😃

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