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We use coconut in almost every dish. as living near coastal area in India, I always have plenty of coconut for food.

Here I am going to explain simple coconut recipe which can be utilize in sandwich or as dipping for fried things

Step 1: Ingredients

1. coconut dry or fresh

2. Black pepper

3. White sesame seeds

4. red chilly powder

5. Garlic cloves

6. Salt

Step 2: Type 1 : Fresh Chatny

Take fresh coconut and grate it.

as per your choice add garlic + green chilly + ginger + salt

process everything in mixer-grinder.

add some water if required.

Fresh chatny taste well but don't have shelf life more than one day.

we can easily store it in refrigerator but taste is degrade after time.

If you want to store chatny in fridge then don't add salt in it. add salt when you want to use it.

Step 3: Type 2 : Dry Chatny

For dry chatny

1. roast sesame seeds.

2. roast and grind black pepper

3. Cut dried coconut

4. Add every thing- coconut +pepper + sesame seeds + red chilly powder + garlic clove + salt

5. grind it in mixer or grinder.

It also taste well and have shelf life of 01 month without fridge.

Last picture is typical Indian Dish contain chapati, dry vegetable (potato), vegetable curry, dry chatny, fresh chatny, only rice is missing here.

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