Introduction: Coconut Pots

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This is a very simple and cheap project to build, with a very nice visual impact.

In the summer I love eating coconut, because its hydrating proprieties, but I like to recycle the wooden part and mae a nice pots for my plants.

Step 1: Materials

- A coconut

- A dremel with a saw disk or a wooden saw

- A driller or a drill bit for your dremel

- a piece of hemp cord

- A small cat that supervisor your job

Step 2: Cut and Drill Your Coconut

Ok, take your dremel and insert your saw bit.

Cut the coconut all around, and use a plain screwdriver to divide the wooden part from the edibile fruit.

From the smaller part you can build an ashtree, but it's another story.

You need a bit of patience to divide all the fruit from the shell. Just use your screwdriver (clean it beforer!!). If you use a knife, just be very careful ;) to avoid it slips through your fingers.

Start cutting an hole on the top, and pour the coconut water in a glass.

When you have removed all the fruit from the shell, use the dremel to drill 3 holes, where you will connect your hemp cords.

You can drill an hole also on the bottom of the shell, to let the water drains.

I'm pretty sure that you won't resist to eat some pieces of coconut while removing the fruit.

Step 3: Connect the Cord

Ok, too easy to explain, but just fix the cord to the shell with a node inside.

Make another node on the top of the cords, just regulate the length of the line before tighten the node.

Step 4: The Result

Fill your coconut pots with some nice plants, and hang up the shells to the wall, or you can build a connected structure, by sizing the cords at various lenghts.

After you completed the job, I asked to my supervisor Lucy (in the sky with diamonds) to help me to write this instructable, but after all this work se was too tired, and fallen asleep on the keyboard.

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