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Friends, Recently i went to my friends home which is in kerala, there i found a interesting lamp made of coconut shell. she used to light the lamp with oil and keep that lamp inside textured coconut shell, which gives textured light at night.

Today i have just modified that lamp with the help of junks.

Lets see what are the items required to do this awesum lamp


1, Empty coconut shell 2, Drilling machine 3, Sanding paper for polishing 4, PVC Pipes 5, LED bulbs

6, Cellphone Battery 7, FeviQuick 8, Switch 9, Cutting blade

Step 1: Prepare the Coconut Shell

1, Mark a circle at top of shell were you can find 3 dots as shown in first image.

2, Cut the shell with the help of dremel or a angle grinder as shown in image 2

3, Level the cut area with the help of grinding machine as shown in image 3

4, Polish the Outer surface of the shell with the help of polishing machine ( first use rough grid then medium and at last fine grid ).

Step 2: Start Making Holes

1, Making hundreds of hole is not a easy job, this coconut shell is little hard and when i make a hole my hands were paining like anything.

2, First draw your desired pattern in shell.

3, With the help of drilling machine start drilling holes don't leave more space or little space between two holes, make it even so that it look good.

4, Don't use the same size of drill bit, use different sized drill bit to have bigger and smaller holes which will give good texture.


Making a bigger hole is hard, so first make a small hole and then enlarge it using bigger drill bit.

Step 3: Making a Lamp Base

1, I used the PVC pipes as the base for the lamp.

2, Cut 2 inch of the Pipe.

3, For top and bottom cover i just flattened the PVC pipe with the help of Heat gun.

4, Make the circle in the PVC plate and cut it as shown in image 2 and 3.

Step 4: Making Battery Box

1, To place the cellphone battery i made the small compartment with the help of PVC strip and Quick fix

2, Place a battery on the bottom plate and mark the size of battery.

3, Make half cm strip to build a wall and fix it in bottom plate with help of Quick fix as shown in fig 2

4, Place the battery in the compartment and mark the positive and negative place in the half cm strip to make a way to power the Led.

5, Insert 2 screws at the half cm PVC strip as shown in fig 3 and 4 ( after placing the battery just adjust the screws to touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery).

Step 5: Make Place for Bulbs and Switch.

1, Make 3 holes in the PVC plate to have LEDs fixed there as shown in fig 1 and 2.

2, Mark the size of the switch and cut it so that The switch fits in its position as shown in fig 3 and 4

Step 6: Connect the LEDs to Battery and Switch

1, Am damn sure that every one knows the basic connectivity to light a bulb.

2, if you are not sure about the connection just see my image its pretty simple.

3, Solider first end of switch to positive screw of battery.

4, connect the negative side of battery to one end of LEDS,

5, connect second end of switch to the other end of LEDS.

Step 7: Assemble the Top and Bottom Lid

1, Attach the Top plate having LEDS to the Top side of the 2 inch PVC tube as shown in fig 1

2, To attach the bottom plate, i just attached the supporting part made of PVC plate and fixed in the Bottom plate with the help of Quick Fix see image 3 and 4.

Step 8: Final Assembly

1, Attach the bottom Plate with the 2 inch PVC tube housing.

2, finally take the Coconut shell and place it on top of the base and attach both shell and PVC with the help of Quick fix. See image 2

3, The final product will be looking like figure in Image 3.

Step 9: Show Time......

This is how it looks at night, I didn't expect this outcome. it was really cool

This is portable and we can take it where ever you want, perfect place would be at bedside.

light textures from this lamp cover an entire big room.


I don't have money to buy charging module so i have to take the battery out and charge it separately.

If you want to enhance this, have a charging module attached so that when ever battery drains you can charge it.

Friends this is simple to make so everyone try to make.

see you later, Bye.

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