Introduction: Coconut Shell Stackable Pot

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Hi everyone this is my second instructables. I had a lots of coconut shells lying around so thought of making something out of it. While I was searching for vertical gardening I found this . these kind of stackable pots are very useful when the space is less especially if you want to keep it indoors or at balcony. I come from Kerala (Kerala comes from 'kera' in Malayalam, which translates to coconut. So land of coconuts) so its not that hard to find coconut. For those who you can't find those you can use plastic ice cream cups or food can etc.. Since coconut shell is thick and won't decay quickly its an eco-friendly choice. For doing this you might need

  • Coconut Shell or other alternatives
  • Thread or wire or plastic rope
  • Soil, Fertilizer and Plants
  • Flower pot.

Tools you might be requiring is

  • Drilling machine & Drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Gardening tools

If you are lazy to read through all these steps I have made a time lapse

Step 1: Collecting & Selecting

Beauty of nature lies in its imperfection. Not every coconut shell is of same size or shape ,so first collect all coconut shells you could get the bigger the better. Coconuts are usually cut in half, Run a shell script ;) and find out which all are almost same and you could use. How many you require depends on how many stacks you are gonna make and multiply it by three.

Step 2: Grouping

Now you have collected and sorted things. Now we gotta figure out which all shells have same height. we need all layers to be in level and flat as possible. So group shells into three of almost same size and shape. If you are planning to paint it do it now. Remove excess husk on shell and paint based on your creativity. I want it to look as natural as possible so I didn't paint it plus am lazy.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Eventually we have to keep three shells together, but to do that we need to either glue it or put holes and tie it together. I chose the second one. So let do it , place three shells together to form a equilateral triangle mark points where two shells touch each other, make a drill 1 centimeter just below the edge. I used 8 mm drill bit for this. Be careful its bit slippery its better you drill hole from inside like in picture.

Step 4: Assembling

Once you got holes on every shells put metal or plastic wire to join them and tie a knot. Stack them and check if it aligns or not else make adjustments. Its better if you don't mix up shell of different size.

Now you need to get a flower pot and fill it with soil and stick in the middle so they won't fall apart even if you tilt it. Depending on the plant you are planning to plant do make necessary changes. Use a bigger pot at the bottom to maintain center of gravity.

Once you have filled it with soil it will become so heavy, so its better you place it wherever you are gonna place it for a long time and fill with soil.

Step 5: Time to Plant

Pot is now waiting for plant to come. Its recommended to use plant of shorter height and less roots. Don't forget to water.Am waiting to get some plants and seed.

Share how was your experience making it as well as tips and suggestions.

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