Introduction: Coconut'O'lantern

In this time, a few days before halloween, I had the idea to make a jack'O'lantern with a coconut. Why ? Because I live in new Caledonia and here there are so many coconuts and so many things to do with them . And now let's show must go on ;-)

Step 1: Found a Coconut and Peel It

For me it's not a problem (for you perhaps no !), I just had to walk in front of a beach and take them on the sand.the second time is the opening of the coconut (only the fisrt cover) thanks to uwe for your instructable

Step 2: Drill the Eyes, the Nooze and the Mouth

after peel and empty your coconut, use a pen and draw the eyes, the nooze and the mouth and with a jig saw (running a low speed) after drilling an hole in each part of the face just cut the rest of the coconut

Step 3: Clean and Varnish

after drill all the holes and made the face of your jack'O'coconut, just left your imagination drive your hand, clean and varnish (if you want ) the coconut . mahe a stand with an half over coconut and use your favorite glue gun to bring them together. To make the orange colr inside the coconut just use red and orange LED. Weld them in serial ang connect this "circuit" to a 1,5 volt AA size battery that you can hide in the half stand coconut

Step 4: And Now Switch Off the Light and Switch on Your Coconut'O'lantern

this is the time to apreciate your job : make the dark arround you and switch on your coconut 'O ' lantern.

ps : sorry for my english, i'm a french people (sorry too for our president, i don't vote for him)

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    Shut Up Now
    Shut Up Now

    13 years ago on Introduction

    the view where you live is amazing... great instructable. very creative.