Introduction: Coffe Cup Carnival Wheel of Fortune

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

I made this from three coffe cup, some offices clips, plastic straws, some sheet of a nes paper, glue..
BUt what im really fascinated was the movement that you can achieved with simple things and patience.

I think any kid would like doing it a sunday mornirg and entertain themselves by painting it.
I hope you enjoy this instructable

Step 1: Get the Materials

get some paper cups, plastic straws, office clips, scissors, glue and pliers.

Step 2: Cut the Straw and Clips

open the paper clips and cut them at 2 and a half inches. You need 8
make a circle at every end of them.

then cut the straws at 3 and a half inches (need 4 of them)
and at 2 inches (need 8 of them)

Step 3: Make Circles

take the coffe cup and trace de up and the bottom on a paper . Then cut the two circles

Step 4: Take the Circles and Bend-them in Eight Parts.

do the small one first and trace de bendings marks, that will help you to find the center of the cup bottom.

Step 5: Take the Bigger Circle

And do the same, trace the bending marks and use those to mark eight points at the widest side of the cup.

Step 6: Then Cut Along the Marks

to get to almost the bottom of the cup... spread it out untill you form like a flower.
then pinch a little hole in every end of it.
repeat the step twice (two flowers)

Step 7: Join the Two Flowers

insert a straight wire (9 INCH LONG) in to the first flower, then put a straw piece in the middle (3 and a half inch), and put the other flower. Glue the other pieces of plastic straw to get stability.

Step 8: Join Every End With the Paper Clip Cuts

put a piece off plastic straw between (the 2 inches)  and ended with a curl with the pliers. Make the same step in every end, to join the two flowers.

Step 9: Take a Sheet of a News Paper

an roll over very tighht..make the rolls an scoth taped them to secure the ends.
Take one and bend it in half. then bend a little of every end to the center, taped it, and repeat the same steps with the other roll.

Step 10: To Make the Sits

just like the step 6 you can cut some stripes (8) of a paper cup and mark the sits of the fortune wheel. Cut them, bend by the lines and glue each one of them to the pieces of plastic straws, on every end of the wheel.

Step 11: Attach the Paper Rolls in to the Wheel

pass the wire in to the paper rolls and bend every side.
put more rolls to Make it secure and stable.

Step 12: Now Paint It

MIx PVA glue with paint  and paint every part as you want..
I painted  lots of white and yellow dots as carnival lights.
You can also paint the seats


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