Introduction: Coffee Cup Tea Filter

 You are in the office and happen to like Tea over coffe (Yes, geeks comes in different flavour you know?).

Being the tea lover you are you do not use low quality tea bags but stir the precious leaves in hot water as it should be.

Well done my friends, I am proud of you all!

So here is a way to enjoy your tea even  more.

Build yourself a coffe cup tea filter (Oh the irony :D )

Step 1: Get a Small Coffe Cup and a Pin

 I would doubt that you'll have many difficulties in finding this laying around in your office

Step 2: Pinprick the Cup

 Three times around the side and a whole lot on the bottom will be quite fine, thank you.

Step 3: Put Filter in Cup, Add Tea, Pour Water

A good pinch of heavenly leaves, a good cup of hot boiling water and you are three minutes from happiness.

Step 4: Rinse and Reuse

Yes yes, absolutely!

Drop the used leaves in the bin clear it under water and let it dry a bit and it is ready to be reused. 

Step 5: Enjoy Your Cup of Tea

 Sugar milk or lemon?

While you enjoy your cup, please vote on the button above for the coffee cup challenge.

Thank you for your visit :)

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