Introduction: Coffee Air Freshener for Your Car and Home

If you cannot function without coffee in your life, then I have an amazingly simple and powerful air freshener instructable for you. I'm not an avid coffee consumer like the Starbucks junkies out there. To be honest I prefer the $2 cup of coffee you get at the gas station over any of the designer blends you find in coffee houses. One thing I do like about Starbucks and other coffee places is the smell of coffee and how it just fills the air. So I came up with a way to enjoy the smell of coffee whenever I get into my car.
You will need:
1) A pair of old socks (One sock would work too but make sure you pick a pair without any holes in them)
2) A bag of your favorite coffee grounds or beans (I used coffee grounds but coffee beans would be the better choice because you would have no worry about leaking and they can smell fresh longer.)
3) A tall glass (optional but makes things easier)

Step 1: Sock It to Me

First, put the sock in the glass and roll the excess around the outside; the same way you put a new trash bag in a trashcan.

Step 2: Add the Java

Carefully, pour the coffee grounds (or beans) into the sock. No need to empty the entire bag; just use your best judgment.

Step 3: Tying the Knot

Tie the sock in a knot. It should not be so tight that you cause the end of the sock to stretch and therefore become more porous; which would then leak coffee grounds all over the place. Make sure you will be able to untie the knot later in case you want to add more or a different blend. Once you are done with that, all you have to do is put it where you want to smell it. I chose my car and put one under the passenger and driver seat.
Final note:
The beauty of this project is that it does not have to be pretty. But if you are looking for something pretty, then try this same thing only instead of a sock us a decorative bowl and only use coffee beans. In my office I have a bowl that used to have spare change and now its home for a half a bag of coffee beans. It makes the entire room smell amazing.