Introduction: Coffee Chews

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Coffee and caramels in one, yum!

Warnings; if you do not like the feel of coffee grinds in your mouth, you may not want to try this. 

Step 1: Ingredients

1 cup of Butter (2 sticks) I use salted.
1 cup of sugar.
2 Tablespoons of ground coffee. 

Equipment  needed;
sauce pan
candy thermometer
baking pan with the 1/2" lip/edges greased with butter or pan spray
high temperature spatula
oven parchment paper

Step 2: Making the Caramel

Set the stove heat under the sauce pan to medium heat. In the sauce pan melt the 2 sticks of butter. Once they are melted add the 1 cup of sugar and mix till the sugar is dissolved. Leaving the heat at medium let the butter and sugar mix by themselves but keep an eye on it. You can use a candy thermometer or the drop check in water to see when the caramel is ready. The temp range that we need is 240 F to 260 F, that is the soft ball to hard ball range.

If you do not have a candy thermometer, you can use the water test. I use a glass measuring cup filled with water. When the butter and sugar mixture turns a light amber color is when I start testing it. All you have to do is to drop a drop of the mixture into the water. Remove the drop out of the water, if it is soft on the inside with a thin hard shell on the outside it is ready. 

Step 3: Adding the Coffee

Once the caramel is ready, mix in the coffee. remove the sauce pan from the heat and pour into a baking pan and let cool. Once the mixture is cool, cut it up into about 1 inch square.  In the pictures you'll see two different batches, I forgot to take pictures of certain steps and had to redo the whole process. the oven parchment paper is cut into 2" by 3" rectangles. Take the caramels and fold them a couple of times and tightly roll them up in the parchment paper. Twist the ends and repeat till you are done with the whole batch.

Step 4: Conclusion

Conclusion, ending thoughts...

You can take this to the toffee stage just by continue cooking on medium heat to the hard crack stage of 285 F to 305 F range. Then add the coffee to the mixture. Pour it into the baking pan, dump a package of semi sweet chocolate on it and let it cool. Break it into small chunks of goodness.