Introduction: Coffee Cup Airzooka

In this instructable I will show you how to make an airzooka out of a large starbucks coffee cup. The larger the cup the better it is for this because it will allow you to blast more air. Using a coffee cup I did not get way too much force out of it so I would suggest using something atleast the size of a big gulp from 7/11. You will be able to use this to shoot people with air and cause havoc by knocking paper off peoples desks. I hope you like this and please vote for me in the coffee cup contest.

Step 1: What You Need

Glue (Hot or Super)
Knife (Maybe)
Coffee Cup
Strong Plastic Sheet (I Used Mylar)
Elastic Band
Paper Clip
2 Plastic Bottle Caps

Step 2: Cut Off Cup Bottom

First take the scissors and stab a hole in the bottom of the cup. Then cut to the side and cut around the edge of the botom of the cup tell you have cut the whole bottom off. Around the edge there may be bits of the cup you were unable to cut off so take a knife and run it around the edge to cut it off.

Note: If you have a large cup you can just cut a hole in the bottom that is about half the diameter of it. You just have to make sure you are able to fit your hand in this hole.

Step 3: Cut Plastic

Take your piece of strong plastic (I used mylar) and cut a circle out of it that is about twice the diameter of the top of the cup.

Step 4: Drill a Hole in Caps

Now take your 2 plastic bottle caps and tip them on their side and drill a hole on opposite sides. Make sure it is large enough to fit your string and elastic through.

Step 5: Attach Bottle Caps

Now take your 2 bottle caps and glue them in the centre and on opposite sides of the piece of plastic you cut out. I used hot glue but super glue would wotk too. Try and make sure the holes are facing in the same direction.

Step 6: Attach String

Now cut a piece of string that is about 1 foot long. Take the string and thread each end through one of the holes in the bottle cap then pull them through and tie the ends in a knot.

Step 7: Attach Elastic

For this step you are going to want to use an elastic that when squished flat and not stretched is about half the length of the cup. Take this elastic and push it through both the holes in the other plastic bottle cap.

Step 8: Attach Elastic to the Cup

Get a paper clip and snip it in half in the very middle, you may have to use wire cutters. Now take your scissors or knife and on the small end of the cup make two sets of two small holes. I would suggest doing it on the part where the paper doubles over for more strength. Now take the circular piece of plastic and shove it into the big end of the cup with the end that has the elastic on the bottle cap in first. Then take your two pieces of paper clip, fold them in half and shove them through the holes, each with one end of the elastic in it. Then twist the ends of the paper clip together to secure it in.

Note: If you are using a large cup and cannot find a big enough elastic you may have to put the paper clips about half way down the sides of the cup. 

Step 9: Attach Plastic

Now reach into the big end of the cup and pull the string until you have the plastic circle out of the cup. Next get another elastic band and secure it around the plastic over the edges of the cup, have the plastic hanging out about an inch. Then grab your glue and put it under the edges of the plastic to secure it on.

Step 10: More Plastic

Get another piece of plastic that when folded around the small end of the cup tightly will hang down about and inch. Now put an elastic around it and glue the edges down again like you did to the opposite end. Make sure that the plastic is pulled tight.

Step 11: Cut a Hole

Take your scissors and on the small end cut a small hole in the middle of the plastic about half the diameter of the end. This will make a more direct stream of air. Now your are done making your airzooka! Now be ready to cause havoc by knocking all sorts of paper off desks and shooting people with puffs of air. I am not liable for any injuries sustained by people being shot with the air. Have fun!

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