Introduction: Coffee Cup Bird Feeder/Water

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Step 1: Things Needed

Now what you will need:
Pliers (not necessary,but easier to bend wire than with hands)
Wire "around 6 feet" (I used 22 gauge floral wire, but anything close to this will work)
3 Coffee Cups
Pen or Marker
Wire Cutter (Both of these last ones were in the pliers)

Step 2: Time to Poke Things

Now mark 4 different places evenly placed right under the the rim of the cup and well,poke! (Not to big just the size of your wire) And mark 4 different places that are evenly placed about roughly 5 cm above the bottom Poke these holes in two different cups!


Step 3: Twisty!

Now cut 4 pieces of wire each 6 inches each and take two each (do this to both of them) and twist them evenly and tightly together. Now lower  the cup with the holes poked towards the bottom into the cup with the ones poked by the rim so they're aligned and stick the twisted wire through the holes and then push the rest of the wire over the rim in the bottom cup (Its used as a landing place and to catch the fallen seeds so they don't grow "Because the seeds are thistle seeds" ) Sorry I couldn't get a good picture of the wire

Step 4: Holes for the FOOD!

Now about in the middle of the cup poke 4 evenly placed holes keep in mind the have to be able for the food to come out pretty easily.

Step 5: Hangers...... to Hang the Feeder Why of Course

Now with 2 peices of wire (one 8 inches and the other 12 inches) Now this is tricky if you have big hands attach the together a little bit via twisting and put it down into the cup and thread it under the wires at the bottom crossing in a  "T" ( It helps if its in hook shape and pull it out and align it so the shorter one goes half way up the other and twist these together a little bit and take the rest of the taller one and make a loop (now this can be anything to hang it on but the loop/oval worked the best)

Step 6: Water

Now depending on how much seed or water you want the sizes of the cup will vary but i cut the third cup in half and filled it up with water
Optional:What helped to keep the cup still (because it has wiggle room) I poked two holes at the top of it and the put the wires that were going up I just put them through the holes And remember this is setting on top of the bird seed

Step 7: Final Thoughts and Images

Now instead of throwing away the top half of that cup flip it up side down and put it on your bottom cup as a.....decorative piece
and another things is that it has been windy here lately so you can take some wire and attach to the bottom and attach it to something so it doesn't blow in the wind and trust me I thought it was a failure with the birds, but they just need to get comfortable with it's presence and then they like  it.
Well that's all feel free to comment if you have improvements,ideas Thanks for reading!
Signing Off,
                    Relient Owl

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