Introduction: Coffee Cup Challenge! Water Purifier

Using just a paper cup, bike tube valve, 2 aluminum cans, and some tape you can make a water purifier. This could be very useful in 3rd world countries or disaster areas  where clean water is not easily assessable. 

Step 1: Materials and Prep

Your going to need.
1 paper cup.
2 Aluminum cans( one 12 oz and one 24oz)
1 presta valve (from bike inner tube)
1 top to cup. 
1 bendy Straw
2 glass cups.
3 ice cubes
Tape and  and a drill.

Step 2: Preperation

Fist you need to cut the bottom off the paper cup. cut 1 inch from the bottom. next cut the bottom off the 12 oz can 2.5 inches from the bottom. Cut  the bottom of the 24oz can 1 inch from the bottom.
Drill a small hole in the middle of the 24oz can bottom so that the presta valve can fit. Only the outer part of the presta valve is needed so cut the top of it off and take out the brass member in the center. This will leave your valve as just a threaded tube. Thread the valve into the hole drilled into the bottom of the 24 oz can bottom. attach your bendey straw to the valve so it looks like picture

Step 3: Assembly

now assembly can Happen.
 Put the 24 oz can bottom in the cup and have the straw come out the side of the cup. The seal between the paper cup and the 24 oz can is not important. The seal between the straw and paper cup is important so be sure to tape it up. Fill the 12 oz can bottom with water, about an inch deep. Put the 12 oz can bottom on the bottom of the paper cup. Make sure its a tight fit so there is no steam leaking. Put a top on top of the cup and tape it up so there is not leaks. 

Step 4: Testing

Put the water purifier on a heat source (ie the stove). Put on low heat and watch the steam come out of the straw.  place a small glass under the straw to collect the pure water. hold a glass of cold water next to the steam. This acts as a condenser. The steam hits the cold glass and the steam is turned to water and drips into the lower glass.
Now you have pure water to drink.
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