Introduction: Coffee Cup Coffee Pot

 This Instructable is for the hard working business men and women who need there coffee a.s.a.p.

Step 1: The Ingredients

For this you'll need:

.1ft of aluminum foil
. 2-3 paper coffee cups
. 1 AA or AAA battery
. 12 in of 2 different colored wire
. 1 rubber band
. 1 box cutter (optional)

Step 2: Next Step, the Beginning Construction

 Cut 2 small holes for the wires and through the top, add the aluminum foil to the inside of the first cup. Make sure there are no rough edges and the foil doesn't go over the sides of the cup.

Step 3: Let's Do This!

 Now, add the wires to the cup. Push the through the foil but only through 2 layers.

Step 4: The BIG Finish!

 This is you final step. Add the battery to the wires and wrap the rubber band around both poles so th wires will stay in place.

Step 5: Just a Picture.

 This is just what it would look like with the rubber band on it.

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