Introduction: Coffee Cup Office Materials Carrier

Looks like a cup as a pencil holder, but it also has string and stamps!

Step 1: The Cup

Use a regular paper cup you can find. The bigger the better. Take a nail (or similar) to punch a small hole near the bottom of the cup (on the side). Take a craft knife and make a wide vertical slit. The height of the slit depends on the size of the (postal) stamps.

Step 2: Adding the Materials

Take a small roll of string, put it in the cup, and then take the loose end and put it in the small nail-made hole. Then a roll of stamps and insert the stamps though the slit.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Add some pencils at the top of the dispenser. If use have a really big coffee cup, you can cut a piece of cardboard to fit over your stamp and string, then your pens/pencils won't destroy your stuff.

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