Introduction: Coffee Cup - Wind Sock

Were you ever drinking coffee and in need of a quick reading of the wind direction? 
This I'ble will show you how to make a coffee cup wind sock.

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Step 1: What You Need.

* A coffee cup.
* A coat hanger.
* A small Tie rib.
* A small washer.

Step 2: How It Is Made.

1. Cut out the bottom of the coffee cup. If you use a Forstner bit, you'll get a fairly nice cut.
2. Accurately perforate both sides of the coffee cup (just 1 cm from the top).
3. Cut the coat hanger to the desired length. Make sure that you have a nice and straight section.
4. Place the tie-rib, then the washer and the coffee cup.
5. Bend the top section of the wire and you're done!

The cone should rotate smoothly around the iron wire and it should be nicely horizontal.

Step 3: Where to Use It.

Wind socks are often used at airports to monitor the wind direction for incoming planes. Smaller versions can be seen on sailing boats to trim the sails.

I use mine for a small weather station in the garden and to assist incoming flights at the birdhouse I have built.

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