Introduction: Coffee Filter Hack

When machinery lets you down, ingenuity picks you up.

Step 1: Plunger Broke at the Critical Moment?

I like coffee. I REALLY like coffee. so when this happened, and no instant in the house, What To Do?

Step 2: Filter

Coffee Filters are also made of paper, EH? But where to find paper in a kitchen?

Step 3:

Wet paper, and mould to top of vessel. Make sure the paper clings to the side of the jug or it'll fall in. You can do this straight into the cup, but I was making 2 cups.

Step 4:

Add coffee, to taste.
be gentle

Step 5:

Add water, Gently!

Step 6: Take Time to Appreciate What You've Done

let her drip

Step 7: Dispose of Waste

Step 8: Pour and Enjoy

sweet release

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