Introduction: Coffee Glazed Bacon

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Coffee Glazed Bacon. Yes, it's true. Your two favorite breakfast items have finally come together in a beautiful combination of coffee and bacon. It's sweet, salty, and smoky, and it can be on your own breakfast plate in a few easy steps.

Breakfast just might not be the same ever again.

Step 1: What You Need

To make these wonderful mash of breakfast favorites you will need:

6 to 8 slices of Smoked Bacon
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Hot Espresso
1/4 tsp Paprika
1/4 tsp Black Pepper

You can add more or less spices to fit your personal tastes, and I think when I make it again I'll add more paprika and pepper to add some heat.

Step 2: The Base

Mix together the brown sugar and hot espresso. The coffee should be enough to melt down the sugar and make a thin syrup out of it.

Step 3: Some Spice

Add the black pepper and paprika and mix until well combined.

Step 4: Prep for Baking

Lay your bacon out on a sheet pan. (It will be hard to clean up after this, so if you want you can add a layer of parchment paper between the two.)

Baste on a nice thick layer of the coffee and brown sugar mixture. Flip the bacon over and coat the other side as well.

Step 5: Bake and Baste

Your oven should be preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The total baking time of the bacon was 21 minutes, but I'd watch it as you're coating it in sugar and you don't want it to burn. (Also, I used a stoneware pan, which might transfer heat differently, and if using something else the cooking time will probably change) During the baking you're going to want to baste on more of the coffee syrup. Here in step 5  you're going to want to pull the bacon out of the oven at the 7 minute mark and baste one side, flip, and the baste the other. Then return the bacon to the oven.

Remember as you work with the bacon that it's going to be very hot. It's going to be covered in hot grease and melted sugar and you should be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 6: Repeat

After another seven minutes baking, you're going to want to pull the bacon out and baste it one last time. Again, both sides, then return to oven. 

Step 7: Finish Baking

After another 7 or so minutes (7+7+7=21) or whenever they get done to your liking, remove the bacon from the oven. Mine didn't feel crispy until I actually got them on the plate, and then the sugars solidified and it was perfectly done for my liking. Which brings up the point: letting them cool for about a minute let's them set up before eating.

See all that black stuff on the edges of the pan? That's caramelized brown sugar, coffee, and bacon fat. It has been boiled to a hard stage and will probably make cleaning up the breakfast dishes a bit hard. However, see the scraping in-between the bacon? That's where my mom tasted it and declared it tasted like "Bacon Candy". It does, and it's pretty yummy in and of itself. If you're going to eat it however just remember it's really really hot when first coming out of the oven

Step 8: Eat!

Serve in classic style with some eggs and orange juice, or however else you like your bacon. (Or by itself, I guess. Which would be good but really, really rich)

I hope you enjoy!.

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