Introduction: Coffee Maker Quick Tip - Super Easy Water Fill

Big brewers and single shot coffee makers both have water tanks that have to be filled almost every day. Here is a simple way to add a water line, so you never have to carry water again!


1 - Move coffee maker next to your fridge, if it is not already there.

2 - Pull out fridge (it is on wheels)

3 - Shut off water line valve to that leads to back of fridge.

4 - Disconnect water line at valve

5 - Connect coupler and tee onto valve.

6 - Connect fridge water line to one side of tee.

7 - Connect new water line (1/4 plastic hose) to other side of tee.

8 - Connect new line to one side of a new 1/4 inch valve

9 - Mount new valve under cabinet, close to front edge

10 - Connect new short water line from valve to hole drilled in back of coffee maker tank.

When you need water, just turn on the valve and fill up the tank. You can easily fill the whole tank of a single shot coffee maker, while you are waiting for one cup to brew.