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Hello coffee lovers! <3

Wondering how to enjoy to your best while drinking coffee?

Here's our unique design concept, a 3D printable coffee mug that not only allows you to relish coffee but also holds your cookie warming them up!


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1) drawing board

2) design and engineering skills

3) 3D design software : Blender

4) and above all Love for Coffee!

You can download the open source 3D design software blender from the site.

Step 1: Lets Look at Some Coffee Mugs Around Us

These are some of the coffee mugs we use these days. Now, try to slowly analyse; isn't it all the same? All of them are basically just mugs of different shape, size, color and design. Man has been drinking coffee for more than a couple of centuries. Despite all those technological breakthroughs, man has been drinking coffee the old school style.

There needs to be a change, a difference...something that completely revolutionizes the simple act of drinking coffee for a betterment.

This step aint to hurt any personal opinion or to criticize the existing products, its just a step forward in developing a way to make the experience of drinking coffee even better and enjoyable, taking it to the next level.

Step 2: Brainstorming Ideas

We came up with many ideas like attaching a cookie holder, making a two way reversible handle, embedding a flashlight, a USB charger, a shape transforming coffee mug, a secret compartment.....

Thinking deep we realized some ideas were really cool but not economical, some were mind blowing while some already existed...

Finally, asking another group of people to join us and after voting on the ideas we were finally focused onto what, where and how we needed things to get done.


Step 3: Onto the Drawing Board (2D Designing)

Every design work begins from the drawing board. One fine morning sitting down with our team of designers, coffee lovers and engineers, we came up with 9 unique models for a coffee mug (among which a few have been displayed above).

But feeling unsatisfied, as the saying goes “Designing and developing anything of consequence is incredibly challenging". True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, yeah, well, of course. Where there's no rational alternative.

So literally throwing away our previous design works, we began again from ground zero and finally found one, feeling completely satisfied.

Step 4: Beginning Work in 3D!

To begin working on the 3D model as such, the easiest way is to scan the 2D model and then keeping that as background build a 3D wire frame model upon it. This increases speed and efficiency as there is a less chance on modeling a wrong design and reducing the ascetic sense of the product.

Step 5: Working on 3D Modal

It's quite a time consuming part but yet a really fruitful one, working from edge to edge perfecting everything from the perspective of our 2D screens. Finally giving rise to a digital form of the physical product itself.

The Blender Project files have been uploaded for those of you interested in 3D printing it.

Step 6:

Guys whenever you work late night and are dying to avoid sleep pick up a good cup of Joe from this mug and enjoy the delicious cookie ;)

Coffee lovers, we would like to hear back from you, do comment your view's about it,

Hope this project will revolutionize the way we drink coffee!


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