Coffee Rack



Introduction: Coffee Rack

Too many coffee cups and not enough room well that’s why there are coffee hangers. Coffee hangers are easy to hang, save room and are super easy to make by hand. All it takes to make a handmade coffee hanger is a pallet, hooks, screws, saw, drill, blow torch and a tape measure.

Step 1:

The first thing that needs to be done is to find a nice pallet of wood. The pallet should not have large cracks or have been unevenly put together. The pallet should be sturdy and no nails should be sticking out. Next, the pallet has to be measured out to the desired size for the wall. In this case, the pallet will be cut in half from the bottom up and on the sides. Make sure the middle beam is on the outside when cutting so the coffee holder has two ends. Sandpaper is needed to smooth any rough edges that were created from the saw.

Step 2:

The next step is to personalize the coffee hanger. To add a more rustic look use a hand-held blow torch to burn the wood. Then measure out with your measuring tape where to put the hooks so they are spaced evenly. Mark the wood with a pencil to clearly to see where the hooks will be placed. At this time grab the hooks and drill them to the pallet. Lastly turn the pallet over and measure where the middle is and hammer in a hanger for the wall. The coffee hanger is done and ready to put on the wall.

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