Coffee Station

Introduction: Coffee Station

To start off this was built out of all recovered wood either from the house, or from renovations and wood removed been skirting boards, old brandering, shelving.

The top is from a piece of wood that was left on the property when I bought the house. I have been told that it is dark oak "not to sure though" but it is heavy and solid.

The top I cut and made it into the L shape. Prepared the top with a lot of sanding and smoothing. Done coat 1 of which I then rechecked for places that needed to be repaired. Done a light sand and sprayed on coat 2. Once again done some light sanding making sure that the wood is smooth and clean. Redone this up to 6 coats with a clear polyurethane wood sealer "Wood Doc 20 (This might be a South African name)".

The turned round and half round wood pillars, I turned out of the brandering (pine) and sliced them in half. These parts also prepared with the Wood Doc 20.

I cleaned the skirting boards but did not do a complete fix-up, so to leave in its natural state as removed from the walls. This was to try keep it for a cottage look.

For the draw done a biscuit joint and glued 2 pieces of skirting together, sanded and sprayed the wood. The back end of the draw is made from pine shelving wood removed from the house.

The black sprayed wood is shutter pine which was used for building templates on the property. I cleaned and sanded the boards, done an enamel black spray and once dry and finished off, I applied the Wood Doc 20 polyurethane clear spray.

The three pictures where bought many years ago so I placed them on the background forming the tile effect.This I framed with Oregon wood "skirting boards".

I then needed to match these picture for the cupboard doors The doors are made from Oregon "Wood from old removed kitchen cupboards". I found the 2 pictures on the internet, printed them, heavily glued them to the doors with wood glue, used some brown shoe polish to give them a bit of an old effect, varnished them to give it a good seal and add some effect as it wets the paper, and finally done a clear polyurethane coat.

Every part on the coffee station has the polyurethane spray on to make it as water and steam resistant as possible.

To do the final finishing off touches we done the background wall in a blue chalkboard paint. Thought maybe if I ask for baked cookies and muffins I would get but no luck so far LOL.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    This is great! I would need to add storage for my 30ish bottles of Torani I use ;)