Coffee Table Hidden Slide-out Compartment

Introduction: Coffee Table Hidden Slide-out Compartment

This is my first Instruckable so I hope you like it, and more to come!   

  My kids had some how knocked the top of my coffee table off, and I had the idea to put a secret compartment on it before I put it back together, I just needed the right bracket system. I went to my local Habitat for Humanity Restore to look around for materials and found this awesome locking swinging latch for $3!! It had a bracket to mount it to something and another to mount to it. It also locked in it's open position and in it's closed position. I had another system in mind but once I had the swing arm I knew what I was going to do with it.
         Since I don't have a garage or shed to work in and this is Canada with -25 weather, I didn't get a chance to sand and re-stain the top for this instruckable(but I will be come spring).

For this design I used:    1 coffee table, double locking swinging latch, hacksaw, 1" narrow hinges, glue gun & glue, drill bits(1/16, 3/32, 1/8), drill, small wooden box, pencil, Phillips screwdrivers(2 sizes), small ratchet with 9/32 bit, 3 nuts & bolts, 3 locking washers, 6-1.5" wood screws, 6 1/4"wood screws, 6 washers.

Step 1: Fitting Everything Together

The first step I did was take apart the coffee table. Since the top was already off, I had one side of the top support frame to disassemble. A hacksaw did the trick in a few seconds.

Once I had the the top and side support off, I made sure the swing arm would fit and work properly without any restrictions. The wooden support bar was 1/2"  and rubbed on the swing arm, so that had to be cut down to an acceptable thickness. I traced out the perfect spot and the screw holes to brace it to the bottom of the top part of the coffee table. I also used a small cardboard box to get the dimensions for the actual box I would be using.

Step 2: Making the Cuts & Drilling the Holes

The support bar had to be cut down length wise, so I used a band saw and sanded it down afterwards. I marked out the holes for the hinges on the support and the top and drilled them out . I also drilled out the holes on the top piece to attach the swing arm. The wooden box I used came with hinges and a latch I had to remove. Once removed i marked and drilled the holes to attach it to the swing arm.

Step 3: Time to Build

I heated up the glue gun and quickly put some glue down so I could get the swing arm on it while it was still hot. I then screwed the 6-1/4" wood screws with the washers into the top to secure the swing arm.  I attached the hinges to the support bar and then to the top piece. 
 I used the nuts and bolts to attach the box  to the swing arm with locking washers. All that was left was to attach the top and stash my goods! You can see my hand on the locking latch.

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    3 years ago

    Stodoys scripts includes most of woodworking you can find.


    3 years ago

    I will make it myself this week I think. Just got instructions from woodprix and I'm ready for do it :D