Introduction: Coffee Table With Fireplace

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The idea of this project came to my mind looking at a coil used on construction sites to collect large cables.

The basic load-bearing structure is composed only of the coil exposed to the rain for years, the whole paneling is instead made from parquet strips, 12x2 cm, very old taken from the floor of a house and a whole strip used to cover the whole edge .

Tools used:

· bench saw

· silicone from tiles

· angle grinder with disc for sanding

· planer

· multi-function oscillating tool

I did not spend anything on this project, only the cost of the fireplace and the silicone. All the pieces used are salvaged.

Step 1: STEP 1 Repair and Clean the Coil

Being outdoors for a long time the coil was damaged and had many nails and imperfections, the first operations were clean, remove the nails and close the larger cracks.

Step 2: STEP 2 the Base

The base of the reel was very damaged and therefore would have streaked the floor, I decided to use the old slats of a bed to create a base.

Being curves, however, I had to straighten them with the classic system of water, heat and clamp

Once flat (more or less) I placed them on the floor in order to have a work surface and I put the coil on it so as to draw exactly the shape I needed Then I cut the circle and I glued it.

Step 3: STEP 3 the Coating

Before putting the coating I created a cross with wooden strips 1x1 cm, so as to create a circle divided into 4 parts.

The parquet follows the figure of the cross and the pieces are placed at 90 ° from each other. This operation was also done for the lower part.

For the edge I used a piece of wood about 3 meters long so that it covered the existing edge, to be able to bend without breaking it I made cuts of 0.5 cm so as to make it more flexible, later I glued it.

I also created a door in the middle part to have a compartment.

Step 4: STEP 4 Finish

The parquet still had the old paint so once positioned and dried I passed the hose with sandpaper until you get to the wood level.

Once I got the bío-ethanol fireplace I took the measurements and made the hole in the middle.

As a last work I put a border on the bottom and polished everything with wax.

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