Introduction: Coffee Table With Infinity Mirror From Casino Roulette

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How to make coffee table with infinity mirror effect from real casino roulette. I found a broken casino roulette and used a mirror and a round glass covered with solar window film to turn it into a cool coffee table.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Old casino roulette wheel

2. One round mirror

3. One piece of round glass (the same size as the mirror)

4. LED Strip with power source

5. Aluminum plate

6. White plexiglass.

7. Wood plate.

8. Solar window film

9. Table feet

Step 2: Production of Bottom Part

Bend the luminum plate and use aquarium silicone to glue it on the round mirror. This will be the support for the led strip and will also dissipate heat. Install the led strip on both sides of the aluminum plate, as you can see in the pictures.

Cut a round piece of wood and make holes for te table feet.

Make grooves on round woood sticks to hold the plexiglass pieces. Make holes in the round wood plate and use epoxy to glue the round sticks to it. Install the plexiglass pieces as you can see in the pictures.

Use aquarium silicone to glue the mirror on the round wood plate.

Step 3: Production of Top Part

Prepare the casino roulette wheel, remove any imperfection and paint the bottom

Apply the solar window film on the round piece of glass.

Use aquarium silicone to glue the glass on the roulette wheel.

Step 4: Result

Put the top cover over the bottom one and use screws to secure it.

Enjoy the infinity mirror effect :)

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