Introduction: Coffee Table With Antique Windows

My mother wanted a unique, traditional and modern coffee table. I found some old antique wooden windows at a flea market, and designed this coffee table around them.

Step 1: Windows

I found windows, like the one pictured, at a flea market for $3 a piece. I bought three. These are what the table was designed around.

Step 2: Wood

I used 1x6 whitewood. It was around $3 for 8 foot boards. I laid out the windows and measured the length and width. I went ahead and got the wood cut at the store according to those measurements. Remember to compensate for the amount the miter cuts will take off. I also got two 1x2s for supports. They were 82 cents a piece.

Step 3: Design

This is a very very basic sketch-up of the design. Basically, it's a frame with mitered corners, inside of which I nailed in the legs, on top of which I put a 1x2 on the front and back to hold the windows which end up being flush with the top.

Step 4: Assemble

I used a table saw, wood glue and a nail gun. I mitered the frame, and the legs. Glued them together, and then used the nail gun. I painted everything white, and the windows slid into place. (This is hyperbole, as it took much remeasuring and recutting.) I chose to design it that way, so the windows can be easily removed for cleaning, repair, or anything else.

Step 5: Enjoy!

This is the final product. I, along with my mother, am happy with it. I hope it inspires someone to try something similar. As always, comments, ratings, etc. are appreciated. Thanks for reading.