Introduction: Coffee Can Sound System.

How to make your very own coffee can sounds system using only duck tape and a few pocket knifes.

Step 1: Pulling Apart

So the first step is to remove the original speaker casing.
As you can see I used a flat head screw driver to open it up.


Step 2: The Gear

After all that you should be left with just two speakers and the volume control circuit.

Step 3: Hole Punching

I punched holes in either side of the can where the speakers are going to go. This will ensure that maximum sound will leave the can.
Also punch a hole where the volume knob will go.

Step 4: Speaker Placement

I placed the speaker at the bottom of the can face out. I folded cardboard and duck taped it together to make a spacer so that the speakers would stay in place. Then I put in the foam from the old speakers to act as a dampener.

Step 5: Insulation

I cut out some foam and cardboard to as an insulator between the speakers and the circuit board.

Step 6: Running Cable

Next I cut a hole for the wires to run out of so that the lid could go back on.

Step 7: Turn on and Listen.

Attach volume knob, mount LED and you have successfully made a coffee can sound system.
Just plug it in and enjoy.