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Introduction: Coffee Cup Plinco

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 All the time paper coffee cups are thrown away and not recycled. So I thought of a use for paper coffee cups so you can use them instead of throw them away and add more trash to our world.

Have you ever heard of plinco? The game where you drop a plastic puck down a board that has obstacles sticking out and the objective is to get the puck into the smallest slot at the bottom (the middle one.) Then if you get it in the middle slot first try you get the best prize. This is a type of game that you would see at a carnival or fair. :)

Well I made a plinco board using the simplest materials money could buy. I used paper coffee cups, a board, and a pool ring for the puck. These simple materials made a great use and now I used paper coffee cups instead of having to throw them away.

So you should really think about making this and by the way you should vote for me in the paper coffee cup contest please :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

 In this Instructable you will need a few cheap materials.

-9 paper coffee cups  :these are inexpensive and fairly easy to find.

-a plastic board   :It should be about the size as the one in the picture in the intro.

-some coffee stickers  :you can buy these or just print some off and glue them on.

Materials Needed:  

-Hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks

-Some scissors 

Step 2: Glue on Paper Cups Open Side Down

 In this step your going to have to glue the paper cups on the board open side down.

Your going to need to make sure that the puck you use has room to fit between each cup. So you can glue them in any places you want but just make sure there is room for the puck you use can fit through the openings.

Step 3: Now It's Time to Make the Walls for the Board

 You are going to need some spare board of the same kind as the original kind you used. For this step you need to make 2 inch high walls for the 2 long sides of the board. Hot glue these on the board that has the coffee cups on it.

So after this step you should now have: A board with coffee cups glued on and 2 inch high walls on the 2 long sides.

Step 4: Make the Slots for the Puck and Label Them

Use the spare board I told you about in the last step and make the slots for the puck. You can look in the picture below for help to see the design and I had 5 slots for the puck to go in.

It's time to label the slots. I used a pen but you can use a marker or anything. The first slot to the left I labeled 20% off coffee. The next slot to the left was 50% off coffee. The middle slot was a free coffee and this is the best slot to get. The next slot should be labeled 50%off coffee. Then the next and last slot is labeled 20% off coffee. This is what I labeled mine but you can label yours however you want.

Next your going to need to glue the slots onto your original board (the one that has the coffee cups on it.) So once you do this continue onto the next step.

Step 5: Add Stickers

 Now it's time to have some fun with this. Add your desired coffee stickers on the board, decorating it nice. Now your going to have to find a nice lightweight medium sized puck. I used a pool ring but you can use whatever.
Have fun with your new plinco board and hope you have some fun with it.

Once again vote for coffee cup plinco in the coffee cup contest please. :)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Just a suggestion for version 2 (if you make another)  stagger the coffee cups so that the second row's cups are in between the first rows cups.  Makes for a more random outcome.  I could just drop the puck straight down one row and get the coupon I wanted in this version.