Coffee Cup Game

Introduction: Coffee Cup Game

This game is for those who have patience and good hand control.
The goal of the game is to pass the road without touching it. If you touch it you'll hear a signal.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need:

1 x coffee cup
1 x old pen
1 x buzzer
1 x switch
1 x double AA battery case 
2 x AA batteriies
30 cm wire
40 cm hard wire (diameter 1-2 mm) 


Cutting disc
Hot glue gun
Soldering-iron and solder

Step 2: Let's Do It

1. Solder buzzer's + to battery case's +.
2. Take 5cm wire and solder to a buzzer.
3. Solder a switch to battery case.
4. Take 20 cm wire and solder it to a switch.

Step 3: The Holes

1. Make a small hole for a wire with scissors in a side of a cup.
2. Make 2 holes in the bottom of the cup for hard wire.
3. Take 30 cm hard wire and put one end of the hard wire into the bottom hole. Put other end of the hard wire into other hole.
4. Bend one hard wire's end and hot glue it (look at the picture).
5. Solder another end to a buzzer.

Step 4: The Switch

1. Make a hole for a switch in a side of a cup.
2. Put a switch in a hole and hot glue it.
3. Hot glue the battery case.
4. Pull out a wire from a switch through a hole.

Step 5: The "hook"

1. Take a drill and make a tube from an old pen.
2. Take 10 cm hard wire and bend into a shape of a hook.
3. Put the "hook" into a tube and hot glue it.
4. Solder a wire from a switch to the "hook". Then hot glue it.

Step 6: The End!

1. Put 2 AA bateries into a battery case.
2. Make your road - any shape you want.
3. Now you can play!

P.S. you can make a design that you like, like I did.

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    white dragon
    white dragon

    7 years ago on Introduction

    could you pls tell me where you buy the buzzer???i live in new zealand