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Introduction: Coffee-o-rama Doser

Does it ring a bell? This is from the same author of the amazing* Coffe-o-Matic Doser. Different concept, same purpose: to justify the purchase of a 3D printer to your partner (aehm)... and to fill your moka pot without spilling precious product all around.

This very simple device is made of three components: housing, piston and flower-shaped handle (don't ask). It exploits a well-known peculiarity of ground coffee: ground coffee is highly absorbent to moisture, so even if there isn't surface water around, humidity in the atmosphere will be attracted to the grinds, causing them to stick to each other and to surfaces.

*pun intended :)


  • 3D printer
  • STL files (ready to print)
  • f3d files (Fusion 360 format, editable)
  • ground coffee
  • glue

Step 1: Build It

Building the Coffe-O-Rama Doser is a simple process:

  • download the STL files
  • print them
  • fit the piston in the housing, it should slide freely
  • glue the flower on the tip of the piston stem


I designed the parts using Fusion 360 and the doser will fit a standard two-cups moka pot. Should you need to modify the geometry please use the original files attached below.

Step 2: Use It

Now, to use the coffee doser lift the piston and push the housing gently into the grounded coffee. Because of the aforementioned "stickiness" when you lift the doser you will find that the bottom space has been filled with gravity defying coffee.

Move over the moka pot and center the doser on top of it, then push the flower to lower the piston and release the coffee.

Now... get an espresso! You deserve it! :)

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    2 years ago

    "to justify the purchase of a 3D printer to your partner"


    Thanks for sharing!