Introduction: Coffee Table Out of a .... Car Wheel

I decided to make a coffee table out of a wheel that I really liked. Here is a quick fly over the steps.

The wheel is a Ruffino 20 inch wheel.

Lower plate is a 19 inch steel circle and base steel tube is 3 inch in diameter. Everything is welded together and wheel is attached with bolts in case I want to change for another wheel for a different look.


Step 1: Support Leg Materials

Step 2: Cutting Out a Support Plate

Step 3: Make Holes and Weld Top Support Plate

Step 4: Testing the Assembly

Step 5: Weld Bottom Support Plate

Step 6: Finish and Paint

Step 7: Closer Look

Step 8: Final Look With the Top Glass (top)

Please note that the glass is not attached and is misaligned on this picture. I am still not sure about the type of glass I want to use. Any ideas?

Step 9: Final Look With the Top Glass (side)