Introduction: Coffeenator

A robotic arm adding sugar and stir your coffe. (can be expand with an adding milk function easily)

For this project we used:

PhantomX Pincher Robot Arm Kit Mark II

LEGO mindstorms ev3

5 blue and 4 white LED’s

9 resistors (we used 220R)

1 RobotGeek Slider

2 RobotGeek Pushbutton

1 RobotGeek Relay

1 Robot Geek Large Workbench

3 Volt coffee mixer

Coffee mug

Lump sugar

Step 1: Making the Conveyor Belt for the Sugar.


We made some modification, at the end we putted a light sensor so the LEGO brick knows where to stop.

The program for the belt is really simple

Step 2: Making the Stand for the Mixer and a Mixer.

The stand:

We used our creativity to make it

The mixer:

Our mixer was too big for the gripper so we decided to take the motor out. We kept the buttery pack and we connected the motor through the Relay module with a long cable. It’s recommended to use a relay because the signal pin from the board is not delivering enough current to the motor. And we used a cable holder to make sure the cables are not in the pincher way.

Step 3: Connecting Everything With the Board:

Start button -> Pin1

Sugar button -> Pin2

Milk LED’s -> Pin3-7

Slider -> Pin A5

Relay -> Pin 20

Sugar LED’s -> Pin 16-19

Step 4: Making the Program:

Adding sugar sequence: Select sugar with a pushbutton

and the white LED show you how many it will add.

Adding milk sequence: Unfortunately we are missing that part because the pump isn’t arrived in time but in the design we would use the slider and the blue LED lights to add milk and as the analog input rises it makes the operation signal longer for the pump.

In this project we changed the slider to adjust the mixing time only ☹

How we programmed the robot arm:

At first we lined up everything in a white paper

We used the Arduino – pincherTest program to get the coordinates for the positions that we wanted to program the arm. And then we modified the program with our sequences and with the positions and after some hours of making little changes it worked perfectly. You can find the program below.

Hope you all like it! :)

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