Introduction: Coiled Cord (Edited)

Simple way how to make every cord coiled.

Step 1: Tools

What you need:
1. Cooking pot
2. Cooker
3. Pipe or stick
4. 2x cable tie
5. Wire

Step 2: Winding

First, hold one end of wire with electrician tie, then winds wire tight around pipe and then hold another end of wire with second electrician tie.

Step 3: "Cooking"

Put pipe with cord into pot with water such, that whole cord is under water. Then bring water to boil, wait about 5 minutes, then turn cooker off and wait 30 minutes. Then cool wire with pipe under cold water. It should be done, so you can cut ties and pull wire out.

Step 4: Finish

Now, you have coiled cord :).
This is easy way, how you can turn every cord into coiled cord. For example mobile charger in car ;).

Step 5: Another Way, How to Make Coiled Cord

There are many questions about corrosion wire caused by water in comments. So I tried use a hair dryer instead of boiling water. And it works pretty well, but I don't know if it will work with thicker cord.