Introduction: Coiled Paracord Lanyard

Step 1:

This instructable is for a coiled lanyard to fit on my belt from a previous instructable using the ball knot on one end. This coiled lanyard could be made with any kind of loop or knot at either end to suit what you will be using it for.

A few things you will need
Piece of pipe or tube
A piece of paracord I used about 1.4m with the inner strands removed

Step 2:

Wrap the paracord as in the first 2 pictures then thread the end back through going over under over under then pull through.

Step 3:

Now with the other end thread this one over under over under and pull through creating a loop at the end then thread the same cord above the first one following the same route.

Step 4:

Take the other end and thread this one below the others and the back between the top 2 cords but the opposite weave go under where they go over and over where they go under.

Step 5:

Now take the top cord bring it over the end of the one you just threaded and thread this one under over between the bottom 2 cords again using under over under. the opposite weave as the 2 you are threading between.

Step 6:

Slide the little fella off the tube and thread the cord through as in the last picture.

Step 7:

Slip the marble inside the net you just made and then tighten all the cords up around the marble until it makes a tight ball. Cut the tail end off and seal with a lighter to stop it from fraying.

Step 8:

To make the coil thread some strimmer wire up through the inside of the cord ( I doubled up because I only had thin wire ) and then seal the end. Slip a piece of heat shrink onto the cord make a loop and thread the end of the end of the paracord down the heat sprink.

Step 9:

Now twist the whole thing onto something like tube or pipe to get a smaller coil use a thinner thing like a pencil. I held mine in place with the inner strands from the para cord drop it into a pan and boil for 10 minutes. Voila you have paracord soup no only joking the boiling water makes the strimmer wire soft. Take it out of the pan and drop it into ice water let it set for a few minute then take it off the pipe the coils will be quite loose to remedy this twist the cord in the opposite direction it is coiled in and it should end up just like the last picture.

Step 10:

This is how I will be attaching this to my belt.

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