Introduction: Coin Box

This project is according to Simple - Kaonashi Coin Box by ChunKyuP

I Changes a few of the things inside the program that he made

the original website

I usually see a cion box inside the restaurent. Some of them are just only a box with a hole in it. So I believe that if we could make a coin box that could collect coin by itself and that the customers enjoy it. It will be great. So I made a coin box that could collect coin by itself, also with a great looking and light.

The things that you need to prepare:


Pressure sensor


Servo motor(lifts up the input)


3D printer

Servo motor

Pressure sensor

Arduino Leonardo


A creative and fun way to store coin

Step 1: Step 1: Printed Out Your Case

If you have a 3D printer, download the app for the printer. Then changes the size that you want inside the app. After that, it comes to the easiest part. Print it down. I chose a skull head is because of it's looking. I wanted my coin box to have a great looking. So I chose the skull head instead of a box.

Step 2: Step 2: Circuit & Code

This part will be all about software. First, the code will make the servo motor to work, by reading in the gravitational force that an object acts on the force-sensitive resistor(a.k.a. Pressure sensor), and rotating servo motor according to the value of the force. But remember, If you are using Arduino Leonardo, never use pin D13. It will cause the value of the servo motor weird. So I change the code from "Simple - Kaonashi Coin Box by ChunKyuP" and changes to pin D11. Also, I added a red light to let the coin box looks more colorful. The light was important to let the get user get more in it.

please made the pinD13 to D11, also add the led with the picture 2

the link of code:

Step 3: Step 3: Finish - Put All the Parts Together

This is where the project is getting finished. You can test out if the coin box is working by putting some coins. If it does not work, put little heavier objects, Or If you want, you might change the value if you need it. this could help your project work better.

If you want to see my project video link:

Step 4: My Video

If you want to see my project video link: