Introduction: Coin Case

Do you have
experiences in being troubled with a lot of coins in your wallet or small coins management ? A coin case can solve this trouble. Our coin case has three characteristics.

First, the materials that you use when you make a coin case are handy.

Second, It has large capacity.

Third, It is possible to make it easily.

We started to use it as a register in lab. It is easy to manage small coins if you are interested in this coin case, why don’t you make and use it in your house or your workplace.

Our work is actually useful as a cash register for selling candy and juice in our laboratory.

We couldn't previously buy when the cashier was not. How ever , now we can thanks to this work we can shop at any time.


・ Paper pack of 1l ×2

・ Paper pack of 500ml×4

・ Packing tape

*We hereinafter call 2 paper packs of 1L “L”, 4 paper packs of 500 ml “S” in explanation .

Step 1: Make a Body of Coin Case

You cut one side of “L” by using a cutter.

You connect them by packing tapes and lay it down. If you want to make a coin case more storong, you should cover it by packing tape.

Step 2: Make Drawers

You cut “S” about 6 cm from the bottom.

You use the lower part of “S”. They are used as drawers of a coin case.

You clip out semicircle whose radius is 3 cm from “S”.

The semicircular area is used as a pull of a drawer.

Step 3: Correspond to Use Coins

We write 1 and 5 yen , 10 and 50 yen , 100
yen , 500 yen on “S” respectively because we are Japanese. If your country aplly to use dollars, you should write “cent”.

Step 4: To Put Coins Easily

You make four holes on the upper side of “L” to put coins.

Step 5: Conclusion

And you insert “S” in “L”. It’ completed. You get a coin case.

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