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Introduction: Coin Purse Keychain

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This little coin purse/wallet is perfect for the days when when you just need a little money and your keys. It also fits credit cards. It is very easy to make and requires only a little fabric, so you can just use some old scraps if you want.

You will need:

-Fabric for the outside and the liner (cotton works the best; my fabric is from Joann)

-A keychain ring or clip (I took this one off an old lanyard, but you could also take a split-ring style one off an old tourist keychain you bought on vacation-I know you have some of those :)

-A 4-inch zipper (Again, from Joann- they have a huge selection of colors and sizes)

-Sewing supplies- scissors, pins, ruler, sewing machine/needle and thread, iron, etc.

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Cut the following pieces:

2x- 4 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch of the outside fabric

2x- 4 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch of the liner fabric

1x- 2 inch by 3 inch of the liner fabric

Step 2: Add the Zipper

Pin and sew the liner and outside fabric to the zipper. Place the liner fabric, right side up, then place the zipper along one long edge. Add the outside fabric, right side down, on top of the liner fabric. Sew as close as you can to the zipper teeth. You will probably have to unzip and zip the zipper to get the metal part out of your way. Then press it open so the zipper is facing up, the outside fabric is op the top with right side up, and the liner fabric is right side down. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Sew Together the Liner

Pin and sew the edge of the liner together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do not sew the edge attached to the zipper. If you look inside the zipper, you should see a bag with no holes and right sides facing in. Trim off extra fabric around the seams.

Step 4: Sew Together the Outside

Pin and sew together the outside fabric with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do not sew the edge attached to the zipper. The right side should be facing together. Leave a hole (about 1 inch) on one edge of the outside. This is for you to turn the bag right side out with. Once you have sewn the seam, trim extra fabric and turn the bag the right way through the hole. You should now have an almost completed bag with a small hole on the edge of the outside.

Step 5: Add the Keychain

Take your last piece of fabric and mark a line down the center of the long way. Iron both sides into the center line. Then, fold it in half and iron again. You should have something like bias tape (except not cut on the bias). Sew a seam down the open side. Fold in half, slide the keychain clip on, and sew right next to the clip. Take the bag and tuck in the sides of the hole, then slide in the strap with the keychain. Sew along the edge, and you're done! Have fun with your coin purse!

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    5 years ago

    Easy way to sew a zipper love it!