Introduction: Coin Sorter AAAA

This is a coin sorter. It is a product used to sort out the coins and make counting of coins easier to be done by users. Supposedly, it should be able to sort out all the coins according to its values and store it in different rooms in the spaces. It is able to differentiate and count the number of different coins using through beam laser, and display the value using digital read-out. The device is by shaking the box in order to get the coins pass through the correct holes and count of quantity of it. Therefore, it can minimize the human work and error to the greatest extent.

Step 1: Laser Cutting of Wood Plate

The laser cutting of the wood requires the accurate positioning and machining. It can cut through at most 5 mm thickness of wood. So, before it is done, we have to check the thickness of the wood. Upload the file onto the computer and get the work done by correctly operating the machine.

Step 2: Cutting of Wood

Accurately positioning the work piece onto the table and get the cutting tool (laser cutter) to get close to the work piece. Set the work plate origin and check the area of the cutting before start cutting.

Step 3: Plate 1

The top wood plate serves as the plate to accommodate all types of coin into my box of coin sorter. And it also creates the first empty room to accommodate the the first type of coins i.e. one dollar coin. The wood plate can avoids coins from escaping from the sorter before it is allowed to get out from the box.

Step 4: Plate 2

The second plate is used for remain only the 1 dollar coin on the first room of storage.

Step 5: Plate 3

Plate 3 is only allow the 50 cents coin remain in the second room of storage.

Step 6: Plate 4

Plate 4 is used so that the 20 cents coins can only remain in the second room of storage.

Step 7: Plate 5

Plate 5 is only for 10 cents coin to be remain in the 4th room of storage.

Step 8: Plate 6

Plate 6 is only for the 5 cents coins to remain in the 6th room of storage.

Step 9: Glueing Gun

Gluing gun is used to seal all the parts together so that a box is formed to contain and sort out the coins.

Step 10: Refelction and Rectification

There are some significant disadvantages and drawbacks in the design

1. coins cannot be taken out unless breaking the box

rectification: Six drawers should be installed to take out the coins.

2. Cannot count the number of coins

Rectification: install the through beam sensor at the bottom of each hole and install the digital readout to display the quantity

3. the wood cannot fit into each other completely and the box is not completely close.

Rectification: when cutting the wood, it should not be the square one and it should be having slots and protrude-out part.

Many other drawbacks in the design and it will be found out and take measures into it.