Introduction: Coin in a Box Switch

I will be showing you how to repurpose an old watch box you have lying around into something fancier through a very basic and easy coin switch.

Note: This is just a very basic switch that you can modify or add extra things to make something unique for yourself.


- An old (or new) watch box

- 2 foam sheets

- 3 AA batteries

- An AA battery pack

- Some cardboard

- Conductive fabric tape

- Packing or Duct tape

- A jumper wire

- 2 LED bulbs

- A coin

Step 1: Setting Up the Watch Box

Find yourself an old watch box, or any small box lying around that you won't be using anymore.

However, you can use a brand new box if you want if you are planning to create a switch worthy of going onto your display shelf.

Step 2: Cutting the Foam Sheets

Measure the area inside your box and cut up about 8 square foam sheets of that size.

Step 3: Placing the Battery Pack

Place the battery pack in the middle and fill up the empty spaces by placing 2 folded foam sheets on each side.

Then, cover the top of the battery pack with one to two layers of foam sheets while having the wires come out from each corner at the top.

Step 4: Cutting Cardboards

Cut two squares of cardboard the size of your box with one of them being slightly narrower to make space for wires.

Cut a hole in the bigger cardboard square in the shape of a fingernail to be able to remove the coin easily after placing it.

Step 5: Applying the Conductive Fabric Tape

Draw the shape of a coin in the center of the narrower cardboard square and place two strips of conductive fabric tape touching each end of the coin as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Setting Up the Coin Switch

Stick the end of the red wire to one strip of the conductive fabric tape by taping it down.

Then, stick the end of the jumper wire to the other strip of the conductive fabric tape by taping it down.

Make sure that the wires are touching the conductive fabric tapes and that they are securely taped down.

Step 7: Completing the Base of the Switch

Move one end of the jumper wire and the black wire to each corner of the box at the top.

Then, place the bigger cardboard square with the hole on top securely on top of the narrower cardboard.

Step 8: Connecting to the LEDs

Loop the anodes (longer metal pin) of each LED together and do the same for the cathodes (shorter metal pin).

Securely tape the anodes of the LEDs to the jumper wire and do the same with the black wire for the cathodes (shorter metal pin) of the LEDs.

Finally, tape the LED bulbs to the inside of the lid of the box.

Step 9: Done!

And that's it. You're done!

As you can see, this is a very rough and basic build that uses a box and a coin as a switch. Since I was short on time and materials, I couldn't make it to be neat and fancy, but maybe you could, by adding your own touch to this basic concept.