Introduction: Coke Bottle Fire Torch

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Step 1: Gather These Tools and Materials

Drill, drill bits, thick cotton string, lighter or matches, torch fuel, glass coke bottle with screw on lid

Step 2: Plait the Wick

Plait the string so it is about 1.5foot long. Tie off the end.

Step 3: Tie a Whopping Great Knot in One End Pf the Plait

Tie a heaving line in one end of the plait. This will be the lighted end of the wick.

Step 4: There's a Hole in My Coke Lid...

Select a drill bit slightly smaller than your plait and use it to drill a hole on the coke lid.

Step 5: Feeding Time

Feed the non-lighting end of the wick through the hole. You may have to cut off the knot to do so. If so, retie it when the wick is fully through.

Step 6: Fill and Wait

Fill the bottle half full with torch fuel, insert the wick and wait for the fuel to soak up the wick.

Step 7: Light Her Up!

Light it and have fun.