Introduction: Coke Chicken

List of supplies:
-10 pieces of chicken wing (two people)
-1 can of coke
-1/2 TSP of soy sauce
-1 LBSP of oil
-2 TSP of sugar
-1/4 TSP of salt

Step 1: Step 1

Use knife to make a slit on the chicken wing. The shape should look like the follow picture.
Warning: Be careful with using the knife. Do not cut your finger.

Step 2: Step 2

Put 10 pieces of chicken wing into the pan and fill with cold water until all chicken wings are under the water. Put the pan on the fire, and turn on the fire at medium level and let it sit until it boils for 5 minutes

Step 3: Step 3

Turn off the fire, then drain the water out of the pan. Make sure the chicken wings are not too wet.
Warning: If the chicken wings have too much water on the surface, you will burn yourself when you fry the chicken wings.

Step 4: Step 4

 Put 1 LBSP of oil into the second pan, turn on the fire again at low level until the oil is warm (about 10 seconds)
 Put the chicken inside the second pan.

Step 5: Step 5

Fry the one side of chicken wings until the chicken wings turn gold (about 2 minutes).
then fry the other side.

Step 6: Step 6

Pour the coke inside the second pan until all chicken wings are submerged with coke, and turn up the fire to the medium level.

Step 7: Step 7

Put 1/4 TSP of salt, 2 TSP of sugar, and 1/2 TSP of soy sauce inside the pan. Wait for 5 minutes.

Step 8: Step 8

Turn up the fire to high level. Wait for all the liquid become vapor (about 10 minutes).

Step 9: Step 9

When only big bubbles left in the pan, then close the fire immediately.
Note: Remember to close the fire quickly to make sure the chicken wings do not burn.

Step 10: Step 10

Remove the chicken wings from the pan onto a plate. Enjoy eating.