Introduction: Colander Hydroponics

Make a cheap and easy hydroponic setup with household items.
You need a dark bucket.
A colander that will fit on the rim of the bucket.
An air pump, a few feet of air hose, an air stone.

Step 1: Bucket & Air

Take a clean dark bucket.
Remove the handle bar.
Why dark ? Otherwise you'll have algae grow.
Does not have to be black.
Why clean ?..... Leftover of soap or chemicals are not recommended.

Step 2: Plant Inside the Colander

You can plant almost anything in the colander.
Bulbs work great.
On the picture, you see an Amarilys also called Hippeastrum
These are very easy to grow, i grow them on water without nutrient !
If you carefully rince the roots of a young plant, and remove (almost) all soil, you can transfer it into hydroponics.
A young plant will have fewer and lighter roots.
I have done it many times, it works.

Step 3: Add Medium

Medium is what will hold the plants, and help transfer the nutrient to the plant.
You can use pebbles, sand, fired clay ,hydroton.

Step 4: Pump & Airstone

Branch pump and airstone.
Add water till it touches the bottom of the colander.

Step 5: Results

See the results.
I grow these on a radiator in front of a window, so they have enough light and heath.
Growth is spectacular, sometimes 1 inch per day.