Introduction: Cold Brew Coffee Done Easy

I was recently traveling in China, and when I was in Shenzhen I stopped by a Starbucks to use the wifi and got something to drink. While I was ordering I took a look to my right and saw a nice looking, but unnecessarily intricate contraption to brew coffee, which, of course, they sold for an ungodly price.
When I asked about it, I was told that it was to make cold coffee. I had never heard of cold brew coffee, and in the translation, the term must have changed. I decided to move on with my life and forget I even saw that.

After about 10 minutes, the barista came over to my table and asked if I would review his coffee that he had been brewing for (I forgot how many) hours.

I did, and it was smooooth, tasted good with a good flavor, and lost the acidity that normally comes with coffee. After I got back home I remembered that coffee, but didn't want to buy all the hardware.

But what is coffee, anyway? It's a coffee bean soup & soak. So I decided to give it a try without all of the extras to see how it would turn out.

This is my first Intructable entry, and it's super easy to do.
I'm entering it into all of the contests that suit it, because this could be done anywhere with the fewest supplies.


Step 1: Materials Needed

1) Dry, coarsely-ground coffee.
2) Drinking water.
3) 2 Large glasses, or any other large containers that could hold a beverage.
4) Coffee filter.
5) Tablespoon.

Step 2: Preparation

I used Dunkin' Donuts coffee, because I like it.
1) Add 1 heaping tablespoon to a glass
2) Fill the glass with water.
3) Stir it all up with a tablespoon until it becomes a slurry (this shouldn't take more than 5-10 seconds).
4) Refrigerate overnight (to keep the insects out), or if you're doing this in a bottle or other container then close the container. I like to refrigerate because I prefer the coffee cold on these hot summer days, and it keeps the quinic and caffeic acid from developing from the chlorogenic acid.

I left mine for 24 hours, but even at 12 hours it tasted good. But remember - this coffee will brew for a long time, so yes, it IS concentrated, and you will want to dilute it.

Step 3: Filtration

Take the slurry out of the refrigerator, and you will see that it will be DARK. Good! Your coffee has brewed.

Now let's get all those bits of coffee out so that we have something to drink.

1) Fold the filter until it becomes a quarter of the size, open one leaf, and place it into your second glass or container.
2) Pour the slurry into the filter, making sure the filter does not fall into the glass.
3) After all of the coffee has been filtered out, it's ready to taste.

I say taste, and not drink, because you want to know how concentrated your coffee has become. Since there won't be much acidity, you will still be able to taste the bitterness - this is the taste of pure caffeine. The more bitter the coffee is, the more caffeinated it is. It may not seem to be that strong, but after half a cup of this coffee, I was jittery for an entire day!

So I've learned to dilute it. Use milk or water (or liquor if that's even what you like).

Step 4: Drinking

So the coffee is now made, you've tasted it for taste and concentration and maybe you even diluted it.

Heat it up in the microwave for a smooth and hot cup of coffee, or enjoy it cold for some iced coffee.
1) Add milk and sweetener to taste.
2) Drink it.
3) Share with friends.

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