Introduction: Cold Pack Sleeve

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This instructable explains how to sew a sleeve to hold one or two cold packs in place on your body. I designed this when I had a knee injury which I had to ice twice a day. This sleeve is a great way to ice your knee or neck in comfort. The cold packs are inserted into pockets which are closed with velcro. This project takes 1/2 yard of fabric and 15" of velcro.

Step 1: Measure Cold Pack and Cut Rectangle for Sleeve

Measure cold pack. Mine was 6" X 10"

Cut fabric rectangle - 28" long and about 18" wide (depending on width of your cold pack - width should be twice the width of your cold pack plus 6": (2 X 6) + 6" = 18")

Step 2: Iron and Fold Down Edges of Fabric

Iron fabric, and fold down about 1/2" on all sizes of rectangle and iron this down

On the long side of rectangle, fold down another 1" to form a clean finished edge and iron this down. This stabilizes the edge.

Step 3: Sew Folded Edges Down

Sew close to the edge around the entire rectangle to secure the folded edges

Step 4: Mark Lines for Cold Pack Pockets on Folded Rectangle

Fold rectangle in half lengthwise, right side of fabric facing outside.

Position cold pack on top of folded fabric, with edge of cold pack about 1" from short edge. Mark a vertical line. Move cold pack and mark a second line. You have now marked the pockets to hold 2 cold packs. I marked the lines with a Frixion pen which erases when ironed - magic!

Step 5: Cut and Add Velcro and Sew Pocket Sides

Cut a velcro strip about 4" long. Separate the "hook" side from the soft side. Centre this velcro strip in the space at the outside edge of the pocket and sew the "hook" side on one side, and the soft side on the other side. This will close the pocket.

Repeat for the second pocket.

Once the 4 strips of velcro are attached, close them and sew on the 2 vertical lines you have drawn to close the sides of the pockets.

Step 6: Add Velcro Which Will Be Used to Secure the Whole Cold Pack Sleeve Around Your Neck

Cut another piece of velcro about 9" long. Separate, and cut off and discard 4" of the "hook" side, leaving a 5" hook velcro strip.

Sew the L shaped outside edges of the rectangle together, on the short side only (not on the longer side where there is a cold pack pocket.) Centre the 5" velcro hook piece on this side and sew down.

Step 7: Flip Sleeve Over to Add Final Piece of Velcro

Flip the rectangle over.

Take the 9" soft velcro piece and sew it in the centre on the other side of the rectangle, being careful to catch only one piece of fabric in your sewing, as this is one of the 2 pockets. Sew the final L shaped outer edges of the rectangle in the area once you have sewn the 9" velcro strip in place.

Step 8: Insert Cold Packs and Apply to Sore Body Part

Insert one or two cold packs in the pockets.
Wrap sleeve around your knee, neck or other sore body part and secure in place with the velcro.


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