Introduction: Cold Smoke Generator

I wanted to build a low-cost, cold smoke generator so that I could smoke fish, cheese, or any other item that required constant smoke, without the temperature. Most of the quality generators on the market start at over $100 and looking at them, thought I could build something better at a better cost.

My first step was the outer vessel. I found a 4 1/2" x 8" stainless steel pipe at my local metal recycling center for $2.

Next, using a angle grinder with a cutting wheel, I cut a couple of end covers.

I then found a long bolt and nut, drilled a center hole in the end covers.

I then added an air inlet for a variable speed aquarium air pump. The pump was on sale for $3.50 at American Science Surplus

The last step was to add a 90 degree bend, 4" extension, washer and end bolt. I wanted to use 3/8" but Menards was out and I ended up using 1/2" fittings.

To finish the project, I added a long spring over the center bolt - inside the generator - to allow an air space and combustion inside the generator. I drilled a hole in the bottom end cover so I could light the pellets.

I used wood pellets as the smoke source. You could use wood chips as well. I filled the generator with pellets, lit them from the bottom via the hole in the bottom end cover and can adjust the speed of the air pump for the volume/rate of smoke that I want.

I plan to attach this to my Masterbuilt smoker via the wood chip port - all I will have to add is a hanging bracket.

Thanks for looking.