Introduction: Cold Survival Kit - Sucrets Tin

Have you ever found yourself with a cold, but couldn't find or didn't have your cold medicine/supplies, and didn't have time to immediately run to the pharmacy to get some? Or maybe just needed a convenient way to transport a day's worth of cold supplies in a small, convenient manner?

I recently caught some kind of bug that left me with a severe cold/flu-type illness for almost a month. I spent a lot of time with medicine and tissues and, upon finishing the last of my Sucrets cough drops, I found myself with an empty tin and some left over medicine. I decided to see if I could fit an entire day's worth of cold supplies into one Sucrets tin. That way, I could carry it in my bag in case I ever found myself sick and either couldn't get to the pharmacy right away, or else just needed a convenient way to carry my supplies. Turns out that yes, you can fit it all in there. The list of supplies I included is below, though you can add or take away depending on your own needs. There's even a little extra room in the tin if you want to get creative and add something I didn't!

1. (1) Earl Grey Tea Bag
2. (1) Packet of powdered soup mix, transferred to small plastic zip-shut bag and sealed
3. (2) Tissues, rolled up tightly, wrapped in plastic for protection
4. (2) Doses of daytime cough medicine (four pills, if yours are anything like mine)
5. (2) Doses of nighttime cough medicine (again, four pills)
6. (6) Tylenol PM (I have trouble sleeping with a cold; you might not need/want these)
7. (2) Sucrets cough drops

The tea and soup are to soothe your throat, plus I always want them when I'm sick. You could add a packet or two of sugar for the tea, if you wanted; there should be room.

The tissues, cough drops, and cold meds are self-explanatory, and you can adjust how many daytime and nighttime doses are included based on your own needs.

The Tylenol PM is included because I have a hard time sleeping with a cold; if you don't want to include them, you could substitute either regular Tylenol for fever-reducing or else just leave them out altogether.

The tea, soup mix, and pills are in small, sealed zip bags that I happened to have handy; you don't have to put yours in bags if you don't want to or can't. The tissues are wrapped in some cleaned plastic (like the kind that tubes of crackers are wrapped in) to keep things from rubbing against the tissues inside the box and tearing them. I taped the plastic shut on both ends to make a tube.

The tea bag gets taped to the lid of the box, then the soup mix goes on the bottom. Add in the tissues on the side, plus the pills on top, and as you can see from the pictures, it shuts easily and can then be tossed into your bag or pocket so that you'll always have at least one day of cold supplies handy.

Might not be quite as life-saving as a survival kit in an Altoid tin, but can definitely be an awesome thing to have in case you get sick.

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