Collage Phone Case




Introduction: Collage Phone Case

What you need
•cheap phone case

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Choose a theme for your case. It can be anything from animals, a color , or just random. I chose Disney for my theme.

Step 2: Collect Magazines

Collect some of your old magazines. Make sure they're ones you don't care about because you will be cutting them.

Step 3: Search

Search through all your magazines and find pictures that fit your theme and cut them out.

Step 4: Plan

Lay out your images on your phone to your liking. Keep in mind it won't turn out exactly how you plan it. I went from this design to a complete Disney look.

Step 5: Glue

Brake out your modpoge and glue all the images down onto your case. Mans a top coat of glue once everything is glued down.

Step 6: Done

Snap your case on your phone and your done.

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